New Morning Self Defense / Jiu Jitsu Classes Tuesday and Thursdays 7:30-8:30 AM



We're happy to have you join us!

What to expect for your first class:

- Plan to show up 10 minutes before scheduled class time to introduce yourself to the instructor and sign a safety waiver.  Bring a water container to fill up with our water dispenser.

What to wear for your first class?

-  Bring a Gi if you already have one, but otherwise wear comfortable  exercise clothing. Long sleeves and long pants are recommended  for newcomers to prevent friction burns from the mats. There might be a  loaner Gi to borrow for your first class, sizing not guaranteed.

What if I'm not in shape?

- You do not have to be in "good shape" to start BJJ, conditioning will come over time.

-You are not expected to perform drills and techniques perfectly at first, just do your best and ask for help when needed.

-If  you decide to roll towards the end of class, make sure to let your  partner know if you've recently started. It is ok to watch at first if  you're nervous.

I train at _____ and I'm visiting the La Palma area. Can I drop in to roll or come to open mat?

​We love to train with visitors from other schools!  Your first class  visit is free, and a $20 mat fee for each additional class. If you're  spending several weeks in La Palma, it might be worthwhile to  consider a 1 month membership or a 10-Pack.

Women's Self Defense Class

Women's Self Defense is the use of reasonable force to protect oneself or members of the family from bodily harm from the attack of an aggressor, if the defender has reason to believe he/she/they is/are in danger.

*Bring your whole family to jiu-jitsu class!  Talk to the instructors for special family pricing.

*We thank those who serve our country!  Show ID for 10% discount on monthly membership for Veteran/Military/Police/Fire/EMS.

Gym Rules / Code of Conduct

Please help us maintain a healthy gym

  • Remove shoes before entering mats, and clean feet if dirty.  Sandals/Flip Flops are recommended.

  • Remove any jewelry that might cause injury or break. Remove cosmetics to avoid staining partners clothing.

  • Make sure to trim/file nails before class.

  • Wash and dry your Gi/clothing before each class.

  • Watch  out for open wounds, including friction burns from mat or Gi. Tend to  them immediately, and securely tape any skin abrasions or cuts.

  • Wear a rash guard under the Gi when possible.

  • Clean up blood or sweat on the mat, and disinfect the area immediately after.

  • Protect your partners, don’t roll when sick.

  • Wait for instructor confirmation when going on and off the mat.  

  • Bow in when entering the mat and Bow out when leaving the mat.  

  • Be Respectful towards others and yourself.

Thanks for your help!